Rediscovering the high Andean nature


4 - 5 days

mountain gear

Physical level

Technical knowledge

Inspired by the title of the book "The Invention of Nature," this trekking will take us deep into the high Andean landscapes of the southern sector of Los Nevados National Natural Park.

We will start by visiting the colonial city of Honda (Heritage Town), then learn about the Royal Botanical Expedition of Mutis in Mariquita, and finally venture into the golden guardians of the páramo, the frailejones.

While in the páramo, we will learn and observe the dynamic between fauna and flora in the Anzoátegui lagoon complex. Afterwards, we will descend to the green Combeima Canyon and at Ukuku Rural Lodge, we will take a well-deserved rest and a relaxing mountain spa surrounded by the natural soundscape of the place. View map

Route description

Starting from the city of Bogotá, we will descend to the warm valley of the Magdalena River. In Honda, a colonial city and a Heritage Town, we will take a stroll through its cobblestone streets, where illustrious figures once walked. There, we will have lunch by the river's edge, enjoying the breeze. Afterwards, we will travel to the city of Mariquita, where we will receive a talk at Casa Mutis about the great scientific event that was the Botanical Expedition. Finally, after climbing the Central Cordillera, we will arrive at Palomar (Anzoátegui), where we will rest from a long journey at the Villa Lucía hostel.

After a well-deserved rest and a good night's sleep in Palomar, we will begin our trekking towards the Anzoátegui lagoon complex, in the southern sector of Los Nevados National Natural Park. During the hike, we will be able to witness the transition between the forest and the páramo, appreciate its biological diversity, and record all the high-altitude nature.

We will be camping at Finca Vancouver, facing the eastern slope of Nevado del Tolima, for two days. One day will be dedicated to exploring part of the lagunar complex, which were once sacred places for the Pijao tribe. These bodies of water have their own dynamics with unique fauna and flora. We will be able to appreciate majestic landscapes and learn about typical species of the high Andean mountains, such as the frailejones, condors, paramo eagles, and guardarocios, among others. 

Sounds like a great plan! In the evening, we will gather around a campfire, warmed by its glow and the clear night sky above us, and share our experiences from the day.

"A long day of descent through ridges, canyons and horse trails, seeing how nature changes at different altitudes, will take us to the green Combeima Canyon. There, in Juntas, a garlic trout awaits us to satisfy our appetite.

Later on, on horseback, we will head to the Ukuku Rural Lodge ecolodge to rest after a strenuous hike. After a hot shower, a deep night's sleep, and a homemade breakfast amidst the gardens and the flying of birds, a relaxing mountain spa, accompanied by the sound landscape of the area, will finish bidding us farewell from this spectacular trekking.


  • Transport Bogotá-Honda-Mariquita-Palomar
  • Accommodation at Villa Lucía lodge (C&D).
  • Mule for carrying load
  • Camping in Finca Vancouver (2C&2D)
  • Three box-lunches
  • Tent rental
  • Lunch in Juntas
  • Accommodation at Ukuku Rural Lodge (C&D)
  • Spa de montaña
  • Caballos Juntas-Ukuku-Juntas
  • Travel insurance
  • Souvenir
  • Professional guide

Not included:

  • Unplanned meals or beverages
  • Activities not described
  • Equipment not listed
  • Bilingual guide
  • VAT

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